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Detox retreat Zeeland 2019 

On the 22nd till 26th of august the sweatbox is hosting the girlboss 4-day retreat, in Burgh-Haamstede, Zeeland in The Netherlands.

We all lose touch of our routine during the summer holidays. We eat and drink a little more than usual. Barbecues at friends, the beach party nights and that lazy vacation have left their mark on our health. That is what our next retreat is all about: Detox. Would you like to get fit again and return to a good balance? Did you endure a stressful period, like a burn-out and do you crave some relaxation and 'me-time'? Or would you just like to have a little get-away together with your mom, your daughter or with a friend? Treat yourself (and someone else) during our intimate detox retreat in Burgh-Haamstede, in Zeeland, The Netherlands.

Where, how, what and when?

Ready Set Go

Main events

An outdoor personal training groupclass by PT Mazarine

Start your day off energetic with a 45 minute kick start. A detox class with a high dose of calorie burning, duo exercises and  workouts that put your muscles to work. The class comes with mood boosting music and will be held in the morning, outdoors in the garden followed by 10 minutes stretching. The class focuses on fat burn, toning and sculpting the muscles.

Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 09.20.09.png

Leisure activities

Go hiking to the beach

Mindful walking. Ask for the self-coaching instructions that you can use during your hike and go out in Zeeland's beautiful nature. Take the route to the beach or the shade route, or don't stick to any route and let Burg-haamstede's beauty surprise you while you enjoy the peace.

Best Friends Chatting

22-26 Augustus

Healthy meals prepared by master chef Elise Calkoen

Vegetarian, filling, detoxing, tasty, energy boosting and beautiful meals by master chef Elise.

Elise only uses organic healing products selected by mother nature, in other words: soul food! With both Mazarine and Elise their backgrounds in nutrition you can just lean back. You don't have to cook nor clean, just enjoy and we'll do the rest. 

Pottery Studio

Main events


After your free-time activities we gather in the villa for our workshop! Each day we provide different talks.  To stay in detox theme, each workshop has a main topic such as: health and well being, nutrition, lifestyle, inner work, mindfulness and self development. We got you your own notebook to keep track and look back in to later when necessary.


Leisure activities


Do you prefer to just do absolutely nothing and chill during your free hours? Join our movie night on Saturday night or grab one of our inspiring books, pick a spot in the garden or inside the house and drift off.  

Group of Friends

Main events

Evening yoga and meditation outside

End your day with a lovely yin yoga or body balance class, followed by a relaxing meditation with a focus on gratitude. Turn the world off, and your mind on. The class focuses on stretching and lengthening the muscles, which massages the lower back and spine. This class is great for ladies with back issues and is also held outdoors.

Detox not only the body, but also your mind.

Girl Riding a Bike

Leisure activities

Go biking to Renesse

During your free hours you can make use of ours bikes! Visit the cozy village Rennese which is easy to reach by bike from the villa. 

Bike passed the fields filled with horses, cross through the forest and get a taste of the old yet comforting town over a refreshing drink on the plaza.

White Bedroom
Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 19.24.27.png

Pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic? Let us know, and we'll work our way around you.


Educative workshops, inspiring movies and books.


DIY: make your own body en booty scrub. Make time for yourself, unwind and refuel.

Sport & mindfulness

Fat burn, toning and sculpting.


Beautiful organic food prepared on location.

White Bedroom


16:00 arrival and introduction incl snacks & smoothies
download-3 copy.jpg
18:00 dinner and detox tea
20:00-21:00 Body balance and meditation
08:30 Breakfast
11:30 after workout snacks
Group of Female Friends
13:30-16:00 free time
download-4 copy.jpg
18:30 Dinner + detox tea
Fit Girl
10:00-11:00 Bootcamp abs & arms
Festive Dinner Table
12:30 healthy lunch
Pottery Studio
16:30 snacks + workshop nutrition & metabolism
20:00-21:00 Yin yoga and body scan meditation
08:30 Ontbijt
11:30 after workout snacks
Best Friends Chatting
13:30-16:00 free time activities
Pasta Dish
18:30 dinner + detox tea
Ceremony Chairs
21:30 Movie night
Two Girls Jogging by Water
Bootcamp full body
Summer Salad
12:30 healthy lunch
Lip Gloss
16:30 workshop make your own booty scrub
Group Yoga Session
20:00-21:00 Body balance + grattitude meditation
08:30 Breakfast
11:30 after workout snacks
Girl Riding a Bike
13:30-16:00 free time activities
download-2 copy.jpg
18:00 Dinner + detox tea
Urban Running
10:00-11:00 Bootcamp butt & legs _ stretching
Roasted Zuccini
12:30 healthy lunch
download copy 2.jpg
16:00 mindfulness, self improvement, female empowerment
Yoga by the Pool
20:00-21:00 Body balance + meditation
download-2 copy 3.jpg
08:30 Breakfast
Modern Dance Teacher
10:30 Stretching class for 30 mins and meditation
Green Bathroom
11:30 holistic coaching
images copy 3.jpg
12:30 Healthy lunch
Group of Friends
15:00 Saying goodbye
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