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Nesma A.

The sweatbox trainers are a great fit and are amazing coaches. They genuinely care about me not just as a client but as a person. They also offers tips on lifestyle and diet when asked along with our workouts which I always appreciate. This is the first time I managed to commit to such training for this long and I love it! I am always looking forward to my training session. Maz pushes me just the right amount to keep me challenged while still understanding my limits. I can't recommend it enough.

Carmen V.

Looking for someone who is really there with you on your journey, wherever you're aiming for? The sweatbox is definitely your answer. They are genuinely one of the purest and loving teams I've experienced, and can understand so many layers in both nutritional and movement+well-being aspects in life. Together with my sister I followed weekly personal duo training sessions at the sweatbox in times I really needed it as much mentally as physically. From the first moment the trainer made us feel really safe and welcome. The training sessions were exactly what we're looking for, fun, result based and hard working. Next to that these sessions became a safe place for us to talk and share, this has helped me so much further in my personal process. I can't thank The sweatbox enough for what they're doing, everyone deserves a coach or trainer like this in life. Really appreciate their work!

Sybille T.

The sweatbox deserves a 100/10. Not only are they super professional and passionate about what they do, but the trainers are also kind and fun. The workouts are tough and effective and they always brings good vibes and motivating energy. I also love the holistic approach to health and how they're able to adjust to everyone’s story. I’m super happy I came across The sweatbox!

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Professional training with intimate guidance, in a comfortable environment. Work on strength, weight loss or train during all the stages of your pregnancy. Our team of qualified &  certified trainers support you in each step of the way. We make our education a priority, hence we attend new courses yearly to guarantee you the best quality of training.

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Challenge each other to get the most out of your potential, together with a friend. Sometimes we just need that extra motivation, and training together can help with that. Go to 'prices' to check out your duo pt packages.  Consistency is encouraged, the more often you train, the less you pay. Both you and your friends specific goals & possible injuries will be cared for individually, while training together.



We believe in longevity when it comes down to health. No non-sense overnight solutions or hypes, but applying the right knowledge that helps you become and stay fit for the long run. We all know 'whatever comes easy, won't last. And whatever lasts, won't come easy.' That's why we invest in consistent training & creating relationships, for the long run.







Booty workouts



Strength training and many more.

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Our base stems from being fit: not only physically, but also mentally. We become what we consume on a daily basis. This means the food and the amount of exercise you get in, but also the way you care for yourself, the way you think and what actions we choose for ourselves. During lifestyle coaching we take a look at your hormones, your goal, your daily habits and how to transform them in a way that sustains a healthier lifestyle.  Check out our lifestyle coaching packages.

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Read monthly articles written by our coaches about body, food or mind, in the blogposts.

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