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'Fruit makes you fat and carbs are bad' Yael breaks down all the health myths

A while back we asked you what myths you once learned, but you still feel not quite sure about. So in this article we’ll break down all the question marks surrounding 'bad' and 'good' foods.

‘You can only eat low-carb bread’

Low-carb bread contains at least 30% less carbs than normal bread. To ensure that the bread contains less carbohydrates, ingredients such as wheat protein, pea protein, soy flour and flax seed are used. First of all, the pros and cons for a low carb diet are a whole other subject. This statement only mentions low carb bread, so I’ll only discuss this.


  • Low-carb bread makes your blood glucose level rise less quickly. This is important when you have diabetes. But even if you don’t have diabetes, low-carb bread keeps your blood sugar level more stable, which causes less of an afternoon dip.

  • Low-carb bread contains more protein and fibers than whole wheat bread because of the replacements of cereals. It contains twice as many fibers, and about 6 grams more protein.


  • Low-carb doesn’t mean healthy. First of all, you need carbs for vital functions in the body, like moving and thinking. Eating too few carbohydrates can potentially cause fatigue.

  • Low-carb bread contains more saturated fats, which are the ‘unhealthy’ fats. If you have heart disease it is extra important to eat not too much saturated fats, but this is also important for healthy people.

Conclusion: Low-carb is not necessa