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Train like a model


Female personal training based on model work outs.

I'm Maz (short for Mazarine) and for the most part I've lived  in Milan, Italy where I modelled for 5 years. After my career and studies in personal training, physiology, psychology and nutrition, I started training models with the workout pack I have successfully trained myself in shape with over the years, we girls need to support each other after all! Labeled as 'The queen of healthy weight loss' I transformed my own body and that of tons of other models, and now that of yours!

What is the  -Train like a model- method?

- A formula of all-in-one workouts that work the hips, butt, legs, arms and core while adding some killer cardio.

- Personal training one-on-one focused on you while working towards your goal together.

- A listening ear to your mental and physical health needs.

- Meal plans, a schedule made super personal to plan your healthy meals ahead based on: your training and work schedule, your allergies, weight loss goal, preferences, kitchen equipment and more.

- Mindfulness and personal coaching.

Is The sweatbox only for models? 

Absolutely not! Any woman that wants to improve her shape, nutrition and training automatically becomes part of our bossbabe community. That means age, size, shape and level of experience.

All the trainings and workouts are focused on slimming down the female body, burning fat without building too much muscle while shaping it nice and lean with toning and sculpting. 


Couples workouts are possible and adjustable.



Hip&Waist and fatburning model sweatclasses

Keep a close eye on our instagram account: @the.sweatbox to see the times and location of the trainings and how many spots are still left!



Get the same personal attention, with friends

Book for you and 3 friends max a personal training


Cooking Eggs

Get your customized meal prep for the week

Email us:

  • Your allergies

  • Your weekly budget

  • Your preferences

  • Workout schedule

  • Work schedule (as far as you know)

  • What you don't like/eat

  • How accessible your kitchen is (modelappartment kitchen/airbnb kitchen etc)

We create your personalized meal plan, including your grocery list (vegetarian/vegan options possible!) No thinking, just doing.


Leave the week behind while you get ready for a recharged new one. Unwind, workout, stretch and relax the body & mind.


Pilates & power yoga

Train like a model

Get in touch


Sky health The hague, Gortstraat 7, 3rd floor. 

Or at clients home.


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