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Balancing your masculine and feminine energy

And how it can impact your every day life and relationships.

You may have heard of it: male and female energy, and nope, it has nothing to do with being very manly or feminine! It has everything to do with what type of energy you carry in certain actions, responses and ways of thinking. There's also no such thing as one being better or stronger than the other, it's simply different and finding the right balance is key for everyone to have optimal interactions with the world around us.

In this post:

- the two energies explained

- the two energies in relationships

- the two energies, balanced in 1 individual

- the two energies, out of balance

Let's first divide masculine from feminine energy:

When thinking of masculine energy, you may want to think of the next traits:

- future minded: what preparations do I have to do today, to make life sustainable in the longrun.

- problem solving and action taking: 'the fridge broke? let's fix it right away'

- decision making and rational thinking: whether that's in business or other life strategies

- protection: taking quick action whenever danger or threat is sensed and feeling a strong need to provide

- competitive: loves goal setting and breaking through barriers

- confident: presents itself strong & stable

- combatting & warrior mode: sometimes a go go go type of energy

- less emotional attachments to things or objects: are quite able to let go quickly, no holding on longer than necessary

What to think of in terms of feminine energy:

- unconditional love: the ability to take in without judgement

- caring, nurturing & empathic: a certain amount of empathy to see multiple perspectives. They feel the need to care for others

- generous: they love to give

- intuitive: listens to 'gut feeling' over rational thinking and makes decisions from the heart

- creative & selflessness: thinking in ways that bring light, without the goal of any personal gain

- wisdom: higher intelligence over ego

- passionate: can vary in many strong emotions

- give & receive: a healthy balance between learning to receive, while caring and giving

- rules with emotion: and therefore may connect sentimental value to objects, activities or things

How do the both energies manifest in relationships?

Matching two people with both extremes (maximum masculine + maximum feminine energy) could create intense amounts of passion, fire and heat in the relationship but the conversation may stagnate somewhat. When the energies are on the similar side (both more masculine or both more feminine energy) it could cause friction.

What happens when both partners are mainly in their feminine energies: There could be a lack of decision making, no one that takes charge, not enough challenge, things can become quite boring soon enough.

A female with a dominant masculine energy, she matches best with a male that has dominant feminine energy. The feminine energy dominant male could often respect, that the woman is in a high functioning work space and they are quite comfortable with both parties taking the lead.

Females with dominant feminine energy on the other hand, could prefer a male with high masculine energy, and she'll be more fine with her partner taking charge.

Whereas when both partners have balanced both energies, harmony exists. Emotions are shared, there's good communication, there's a good balance in tasks, however you choose to divide them. Now of course this doesn't take away any occasional stir ups or disagreements from being present, that's only normal for any healthy relationship to have. But unnecessary friction is less likely to occur.

How do they affect your personal life as an individual?

If you recognise which energy you tend to lean towards more to, also this doesn't identify you for life. Look back over the course of your life, there are probably moments where you allowed your feminine side to be more present, and times where you masculine energy took over, male or female, still doesn't matter.

When both energies are balanced in 1 individual, you may find yourself having social conversations very fluid, are quick to adapt to situations but you also know when to recline. You make quick decisions and you take in the feelings of others into account. You may experience a healthy work-life balance too.

Often times masculine energies are seen as strong and the feminine energy as weak, this is untrue however. It's about finding the right balance in both energies.

What unbalances are most common?

A person is being too much in their masculine energy when in over-providing mode, a 'no rest for the wicked' type of mindset. It may be harder to know how to receive. Whether that's allowing to be cared for, to be complimented, to let loose for a moment to sit back and relax, so on and so forth.

A person is being too much in their feminine energy when: there's a lack of boundaries. You may have a lot of empathy which is a beautiful characteristic trait, but even our empathy for others has to be selective sometimes. Think of inviting in the wrong people and allowing them to overstay their welcome. Over-giving your time and energy to people or situations who may abuse it.

A person is too much in their masculine energy when their thinking becomes either black and white or robotic and lacks empathy. Think of firing an employee for a lack of performance, right away, without considering their tough home situation of a sick family member that could play a big role in his tardiness, lacking focus or any way of not functioning to said expectation.

A person is too much in their feminine energy when life is looked at with a bit naiveness, with rosed coloured glasses only, where sometimes rational thinking is required. Think of practical tasks that need to be carried out within a certain deadline. Thinking 'if it's meant to get a good grade, it will' won't work in this situation. Taking action however, will and is necessary.

Written by Mazarine Henninger


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