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Before“turning the page”, appreciate everything that's written in the current one.

Before you start writing down your New year's resolutions and setting goals for 2023, I would like to invite you to take a moment to reflect on this year and give yourself that space for recognition.

What a better way to end the year than with a boost of happiness?

Gratitude is one of the best and most powerful happiness boosters. Counting your blessings strengthens your positivity muscles, putting you in a more optimistic mindset for the year ahead.

I believe that one of the most empowering things one can do is to see and recognize ourselves for all the things we have experienced. A moment to reflect back on the year and how far you’ve come helps you recognise each and every accomplishment.

This can be anything, from everyday things, like drinking more water, to big decisions, like breaking a negative pattern, and all the way to putting yourself first. However big or small these actions might be, the important thing is to notice all that you have done for yourself.

Recognise your personal growth

Life is all about growth. We were put on this planet to learn and evolve as human beings. These moments of growth are crucial to who we’ve become today, and recognising this helps us be grateful for it.

When we recognise something, we integrate the learning that it brought us and we can release the emotional weight that we no longer require. By thanking and integrating these past year experiences, we are creating space to receive more because we have digested them and they have become part of us.

Give yourself a moment to reflect on everything you have experienced this year and thus thank yourself consciously.

As you look back on what you have experienced this year, it can be amazing to put it on paper. This is a chance to appreciate and see (literally, in paper) all you’ve done and get that feeling of “yay! You’re doing a great job” and from this place of gratefulness be able to start looking towards the next year and create space for what you want and manifesting your dreams.

Reflection time

I try to end every year with a gratitude ritual. I’d love to share it here and, if it resonates with you, maybe you can give it a try or create your own version of this.

  • Make a cup of tea and sit wherever you’re most comfortable

  • Light up a candle and set an intention of gratitude

  • Get your journal/ or a notebook and write the following questions (along with any others that you think of while doing it)

Part 1 - Reflection: Before“turning the page”, appreciate everything written in the current one:

  • What did I do for myself this year?

  • What did I learn about myself this year?

  • What am I most thankful for?

  • What obstacles did I overcome? And how does that make me feel?

  • What am I ready to let go of?

Reflecting and visualising yourself for the new year - once you have integrated then you have space to visualise and create the version of what you want to build for the next year -setting an intention.

Part 2 - looking towards the next year: dream big- manifesting

  • What do I want for the upcoming year?

  • How do I want to feel?

  • What do I want to do for myself?

There are questions that will have an intuitive answer, and there are others that you may feel are harder to answer. It doesn't matter; what you are doing is throwing the question to the Universe and being willing to receive the answer in the most magical and unimaginable way.


If you want a guiding material to do a recap of your year and look forward to the next; this is a printable booklet (you can also fill it up online)

But in case you'd like to do this in group setting along side like minded women, where voicing and sharing your goals magnifies your manifestations, feel free to join my REFLECTION CIRCLE on the 31st of December, 12:15-13:00.

For a year full of free beings, living in authenticity and starting the new year with a grateful heart,



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